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Gpixel’s First Public Show at Japan’s ITE 2015


For the first time, Gpixel Changchun Optotech Inc. showcased all its CMOS sensor products at International Technical Exhibition on Image Technology and Equipment 2015 (ITE Japan 2015) from 2nd to 4th December 2015. During the exhibition, Gpxiel released its new product GMAX0504 and GL1216 successfully, attracting a lot of attention in the international market.


GMAX0504 is designed for high-resolution high-speed applications, with 19.5 Megapixel resolution and maximum 25fps at full resolution. The sensor supports both rolling and global shutter mode. Using 7.4um pinned-photodiode pixel structure, GMAX0504 offers very low readout noise of 3.8e in rolling shutter mode and 11e- in global shutter mode. In addition, the HDR option of GMAX0504 enables an amazing full well capacity of 61ke-. An important feature for GMAX0504 in global shutter mode is that it supports multiple ROIs with individual exposure time control. These features make it ideal for industrial inspection, aerial mapping and high-end surveillance.

GL1216 is a new member of Gpixel line scan sensor series. The sensor consists of 16 photon-sensitive pixel lines with up to 12928 pixel resolution per line with 6.5μm pixel pitch. The sensor supports on-chip 2×2 pixel charge binning to increase the pixel pitch to 13μm in order to gain a better sensitivity and dynamic range. GL1216 also features a programmable FWC capability; its FWC can be set between 120ke- up to 1Me- depending on different applications. These features make it ideal for multispectral imaging and industrial inspection.

During the exhibition, Gpixel demonstrated the working system for two products: GMAX1205 and GSENSE2020. GMAX1205 offers 60 Megapixel resolution and 10 frames per second at full resolution, especially, it is featured with 2.9e- dark noise, 76.5dB dynamic range and 64% quantum efficiency, which makes it ideal for industrial inspection.

While GSENSE2020/2011 is a 4MP/2MP scientific CMOS image sensor, capable of running in either global or rolling shutter mode. The sensor has very low read out noise of 2e- in rolling shutter mode and 6e- in global shutter mode. In addition, it has very high dynamic range of 88dB in rolling HDR mode, and the peak quantum efficiency is up to 62%. Another important feature is the sensor´s high frame rate, up to 376fps in 10-bit global shutter mode for GSENSE2020 and up to 668fps in the same operation mode for GSENSE2011. These features make it well-suited for various applications, including high-end surveillance, high speed imaging, and machine vision. The sensor is available in standard package GSENSE2020/2011 and small package GSENSE2020s/2011s, but they share the same E/O performance.

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