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Gpixel Announces New 4k Resolution Line Scan Sensor


Gpixel announces a new 4096 x 2 resolution, 7um square pixel size, global shutter line scan image sensor, the GL0402. This high quality, high performance and high speed sensor expands Gpixel’s line scan sensor portfolio, offering a cost effective solution for on line inspection applications.

The GL0402 offers a low read noise of less than 5e- and 11ke- FWC, resulting in 66dB intrascene dynamic range. The dynamic range and sensitivity can be further increased by utilizing on-chip charge domain 1×2 binning and 2×2 binning.

The GL0402 uses 12 pairs of sub-LVDS high speed outputs which allow data rates up to 10.9Gbit/sec. It supports two operation modes: single-line mode with a line rate of 200kHz, and dual-line mode, with line rate of 100kHz. By combining high line rates and excellent image quality, the GL0402 can help users boost inspection efficiency and increase throughput.

The GL0402 uses an external clock to generate all of the required timing on chip using it’s internal sequencer, reducing the number of external components needed. Its output channel multiplexing function enables flexibility in FPGA selection. The sensor is assembled in a compact 76pin CLCC package for fast heat dissipation and high robustness.

The GL0402 is offered in two chroma versions: the monochromatic sensor sample is available for purchase now, and Bayer color sensor will start sampling later this year. For more information, please contact Gpixel.

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