Gpixel launches GSPRINT high-speed product family

October 14th 2020, – Gpixel announces a high-speed global shutter image sensor, GSPRINT4521, the first in a new family of products targeting high speed applications. GSPRINT4521 is a 21 Megapixel (5120 x 4096) APS-C sized (29.5mm) high-speed image sensor designed with the latest 4.5μm charge domain global shutter pixel. It achieves more than 35ke– full […]

Gpixel expands its GMAX Sensor Family to Include a 103 Megapixel Global Shutter Image Sensor

23rd June 2020, Changchun, China – Gpixel announces the further expansion of the popular GMAX product family with the GMAX32103, a large format Global Shutter CMOS image sensor for industrial applications. The sensor is designed around Gpixel’s high performance 3.2 µm charge domain global shutter pixel, provides 11276(H) x 9200(V) resolution (103 MP), and supports […]

Gpixel expands GSENSE product family with 16.7MP BSI scientific image sensor

Changchun, China, June 15th, 2020 -Gpixel announces the further expansion of the popular GSENSE product family with the GSENSE1516BSI, a large format BSI CMOS image sensor for high-end scientific applications. The sensor is designed around Gpixel’s high performance 15 µm square rolling shutter pixel, provides 4096 x 4096 resolution (16.7 MP), and supports up to 9fps […]

Gpixel announces new PulSar technology enabling GSENSE products for VUV/EUV, soft x-ray and electron direct detection imaging

Changchun, China, January 30th, 2020 – Gpixel announces PulSar (PS) technology, extending the capability of all GSENSE family BSI sensors to detect vacuum ultra violet (VUV) light, extreme ultra violet (EUV) light and soft x-ray photons with quantum efficiency approaching 100%. In addition, the technology demonstrates excellent resistance to radiation damage in soft x-ray detection […]

Gpixel Announces New 4k Resolution Line Scan Sensor

Gpixel announces a new 4096 x 2 resolution, 7um square pixel size, global shutter line scan image sensor, the GL0402. This high quality, high performance and high speed sensor expands Gpixel’s line scan sensor portfolio, offering a cost effective solution for on line inspection applications. The GL0402 offers a low read noise of less than […]

New full-frame 51MP sensor to focus on inspection and 8k:4k video

Extending Gpixel’s GMAX family of global shutter CMOS image sensors, the GMAX4651 is a 35 mm full frame 51MP sensor, ideal for large surface area, high-resolution advanced optical inspection as well as high-end 8k/4k video broadcast. 4th December 2018, Changchun, China — Gpixel announces a new 51MP, 8424 x 6032 resolution, 35 mm full-frame global […]

Gpixel expands GMAX series with 5MP and 9MP CIS using world’s smallest GS pixel

Expanding the 2.5 µm global shutter pixel GMAX range with pin-compatible 5MP and 9MP versions give camera manufacturers a choice of compact, high-resolution CMOS image sensors for industrial automation, intelligent transport systems (ITS) and 4k video broadcasting. 29th October 2018, Changchun, China — Gpixel announces the expansion of its GMAX product family with the addition […]

Gpixel Announces 65MP Global Shutter CMOS Image Sensor GMAX3265

Gpixel announces the release of GMAX3265, a high resolution (65MP) image sensor featured with the latest low noise 3.2µm charge domain global shutter pixel architecture, at the SEMI European Imaging & Sensors Summit in Grenoble today. “GMAX3265 is defined in close collaboration with leading industry partners in inspection vision systems, as such are we confident […]